Sunday, 28 November 2010

Koh Phi Phi continued

Well we've arrived in Perth and are now in a Hostel so have a bit of free time to get up to date with some of the rest of Thailand..

The 4th day of our travels started rather slowly with us all feeling the effects from the night before (our first encounter with the buckets of alcohol they have there). We woke ourselves up made our way down the ridiculously steep steps and into the main streets where we grabbed a typical Full English breakfast and a fruit smoothie to sort ourselves out. Really appreciating the local culture and cuisine... After filling ourselves we headed off to Long Beach again, taking a shorter route over the rocks to get there. We spent the rest of the afternoon here swimming, relaxing, throwing a frisbee, and grabbed a drink and snack at the bar on the beach before heading back to our Hostel. A rather similar evening to the previous happened (gambling shithead with beers then heading to the local Irish bar to make use of the 3 for 1 buckets they had on offer). This night we made friends with a couple of Aussies and an Alaskan named Tony who bless him was a nice guy but everytime we bumped into him from then on, he could never remember us - friendly all the same! The night ended in some typical Brit behaviour of the other 2 (Tom and Rob) skinny dipping in the sea and taking a good time to stumble home..

The next morning and we were meant to rise before 11 so we could check out and find ourselves somewhere nicer and cheaper to stay. But once again it was a slow start, and when finally packed and leaving we had incured a late fee - something we learnt from in the future (we've noticed we like to learn things the hard and expensive way...). We wandered down into the center and found ourselves a nice little Hostel named Sachas where we got a room for half the price of our previous with a working shower and a bed each (rather than a double and a single). After unwinding and eating we headed to an internet Cafe and booked ourselves onto a flight from Phuket to Singapore on the 22nd November, thought it best otherwise it was a 24 hour coach ride.. We then again hit the beaches again until dusk, on the main beach this time where our frisbee skills impressed some fellow Brits who cheered and jeered our throws - its nice to think we can entertain and make ourselves look reasonable good!! Theses Brit lads were even more liabilities than us 3, having all tatooed "Brilliant" on thier bodies, amoungst other things.

It was leaving this beach when Tom accidently put Rob's camera in the bin.. Rob had left it in a small plastic bag which we had then begun to use as a waste bag, hence going in the bin! Quite a shame to lose this, Rob for obvious reasons as losing a camera is never good (I also understand it was a birthday present from the family.. sorry about that!!), but it also had some very good photos on!

After the beach we once again got some beers and played shithead, (*From here on I have photos of our trip). The night followed the same pattern of dinner then buckets at the Irish bar, bumping into Alaskan Tony again then hitting the beach for a dance. This night was quite epic with each of us splitting off and having a good story, to be told another day. Ended up with me wandering past a tattoo parlor to look to my left and seeing Rob in the middle of having a tattoo of "Wales" in Thai placed on his right buttock. Found Tom, Rob spent some time arguing because some Thai locals said the writing said "Whale", once resolved headed back to pass out.

The next morning, day 6, we had to be up early to check out and get ourselves organised to head over to Koh Lanta via the local ferry. We booked our ticket for the 2.30 boat across and relaxed with some local pancakes on the beach. Rob got himself an hour long thai massage, which I very much regret not doing myself as it looked awesome from the look on his face! Got ourselves to the port and onto our ferry where we all instantly felt sea sick/hungover. Luckily we all managed to sleep for the journey without feeling ill at all, I though for sure it was on the cards that at least one of us would be horrificly ill! This ferry ride also started with one of the funniest moments so far... Rob chose his seat next to a little girl as it was the only one free... as soon as he sat down she let out the loudest and most scared scream imaginable, screaming at him and crying.. over rushes the mother apologising saying the girls is afraid of men.. though im sure any young girl would have the same reaction if a semi drunk/hungover Rob had sat down next to them!
Once arrived on Koh Lanta (weather not great) we got ourselves a Tuk tuk half way down the island to a Hostel on the beach. After we realised that we could have got free transfer in a nice truck to a hostel right next door that was charging the same price for a room!! Mugs once again!!
We checked into our quite nice little bungalow, checked out the beach and had a little wander in the rain. The time on Koh lanta was meant to be relaxing and detoxing to recover from our rather hectic start. It was detoxing, but not very relaxing for Rob and Tom. The evening was the start of what we think must have been a stomach bug or Food poisining. Again played shithead, without beer this time, and headed to a nice local restaurant right next door to have dinner, though I was the only one that could stomach their entire meal, enjoying every mouthful.. Tom fared ok and struggled through most of his, however Rob was now feeling terrible and could only manage 3 forkfulls! The night was a colourful one for Rob who I dont think had much sleep being very ill from both ends, whilst Tom also suffered rather bad being bloated and restless.. I slept soundly on..

The next day with everyone feeling rather on edge, I was putting it down to a 2 day hangover for me, but Rob and Toms bellys were definately not well. Spent some time on our beach swimming and sunbathing, as the weather had now improved. We had some time on our hands to relax and get some of the blog done and get in contact with the families and GFs etc. Later I had taken my great scooter ride to the cash point, where admittidly I did standardly topple the scooter when turning it around, both me and the bike abs perfect condition though so no worries there! This night we decided to head and get some Pizza as everyone was on the road to recovery. Only we happened to find the most expensive Pizza place on the Island, but thought we might as well treat ourselves just this once...After our nice but expensive (I say expensive it was probably still only max 8 pounds each) meal we hit the sack again to try and get some rest before waking early the next morning to get our ferry back to Koh Phi Phi! I believe the night was less eventful for Rob and Tom than the previous, which was nice...

Will update with the last few days of Thailand shortly. (FYI we have been in Perth for 4/5 days now and I have not seen any sign of a single cloud in the sky @ 35 degrees heat, I hear its snowed in Oxford??)

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